AlexStavrouWrites AlexStavrouWrites

Do you need written content for your blog or converting copy for your marketing material?

I know, you’re busy and don’t have time to write. I can help with that.

I Specialize In:

  • Copywriting

    Do you need written copy that converts? I can write that for you no problem. I can turn your about page, sales page, service page, or shop page into a persuasive written copy that converts.

  • Blog Writing

    Everybody needs a blog these days.

    Don’t have time to write it yourself?

    Don’t worry, I got you covered. Blogging is my specialty. I’ve been writing my blog for years, and I have also written on other people’s blogs as well. I can turn your blog into a powerful marketing tool.

  • Editing

    So you can write but not so great huh? Well, don’t worry, I can clean it up for you. I can help you edit any articles, website copy, or emails. Good editing is important to get your message across as intended.


I’ve been a content writer for over 3 years. I have experience writing content for blogs and websites in personal finance, tech, and digital marketing.


Copywriting 90%
Blogging 80%
Editing 70%
SEO 60%
Social Media Marketing 50%